TAKING SIDES at Stamford Theatre Works, Stamford Connecticut

“A dynamic cast ... brings out the best that this work has to offer.”
  [Rosalind Friedman—WMNR Fine Arts Radio]  

“These six pros....make the stage sizzle with life.”
  [Irene Backalenick—Brooks News (CT)]

“"Robert Hock portrays Furtwängler as a man broken in spirit... It's an effective performance as are those of Anna Zastrow, Sam Jaeger and Lenka Pichlikova..."”
  [David A. Rosenberg—The Hour (CT)]

“Taking Sides is provocative, disturbing and always interesting. Under Steve Karp's direction, [it] keeps its audience guessing.... ....the cast give[s] clean, forthright performances. Besides Zastrow, Jaeger and Hock, Harry Althaus is [also] fine....”
  [E. Kyle Minor—The Advocate (CT)]  

“skillfully written, deeply moving, well-acted.....truly fine drama—and fascinating to the end.”
  [Audience member letter to the Editor]  

“Want to compliment you and the entire cast on this authentic and fine work. I grew up in Germany, during this particular Hitler era and personally know about these human dramas—we are indeed fortunate to have such high caliber theatre here.”
  [Audience member]